Political Nut Jobs, the Doggie Version of Lady Gaga, and a Mel Gibson Defender

Top five articles of the week on the Philly Post

1. Why Reparations Are Necessary by Michael Coard
I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that reparations is a handout that blacks don’t deserve or even need. After all, we have an African-American president and some African-American governors, mayors, DAs, police chiefs, and CEOs. What more do you people want, you ask. Read more.

2. America: Land of Nut Jobs by Tim Whitaker
How do you, Donald Trump (or Mike Huckabee, or Michelle Bachman, or Sarah Palin, etc.), think you’ll be remembered fifty years hence when school kids studying the Obama Administration get to the part where people in his own country questioned the legitimacy of the first president of color with statements they knew to be untrue? Read more.

3. In Defense of Mel Gibson by Chris Freind
Rather than quit, Mel Gibson spent his own money—almost $50 million—to produce and market the film, and ended up distributing it himself along with a small company, since no major distributor wanted anything to do with The Passion of the Christ. Can we say cowardice and religious bigotry? Read more.

4. Back Off My Chihuahua by Liz Spikol
When I walk my dog through Rittenhouse Square, it’s like I have Lady Gaga on a leash. People freak out when they see her. They run over. They try to inhale her. There is so much love that she hyperventilates in terror and I have to pick her up. … In West Philly, she’s an embarrassment. Read more.

5. Divorce Attorneys Have a Different Take on the Royal Wedding by Dorothy K. Phillips
Most couples protect themselves financially and against disclosure of untoward facts by having a pre-nuptial agreement. However, the Brits have a doctrine of “Fair Comment,” which permits people to reveal affairs and other juicy gossip about anything so long as it is based in fact. Read more.