Photo of the Day

Training for the Broad Street Run

Person: Heather Wrublesky, 26
Place: Boathouse Row, 6:45 on Saturday morning
Thing: Training with Team Philly for tomorrow’s Broad Street Run

Is this your first time training for Broad Street? This is my first Broad Street Run, and actually the farthest I’ve ever run.

What’s the best thing about Team Philly? We don’t run with iPods. We talk the whole time.

What’s your can’t-live-without running gear? I just invested in a new pair of Asics running shoes, and I run in my Team Philly shirt every week.

What’s been the biggest challenge? The hardest part was just to get started.

Does it hurt to stretch like that? No, actually, the stretching has been great. Warming up is especially important when it’s cold out.

How do you picture race day? Probably the biggest crowd I’ve ever been in and just a huge adrenaline rush. Tons of excitement and tons of fun.

So where do you find the motivation to train? They talk about a runner’s high, and you really get it.

Text by Morgan Zalot // Photography by Ryan Donnell