It Happened Today: The Phillies vs. Jackie Robinson, Neil Young Plays the Troc, Jon Stewart Talks to the Inquirer, and Abraham Lincoln’s Body Arrives

A look back at Philadelphia history for April 22nd

April 22, 1792: Uriah Levy is born in Philadelphia. He went on to become the first Jewish commodore in the United States Navy. He also bought Jefferson’s Monticello for $2,500 and married his own 18-year old niece — when he was 61.

April 22, 1865: The Lincoln funeral train arrives in Philadelphia, and the mayor gives the rich and famous dibs on viewing the body while hundreds of thousands of regular folks stand in line to pay their respects. The next day, riots.

April 22, 1876: The Philadelphia Athletics played the very first game of the National League at Jefferson Grounds, currently the site of the Daniel Boone School. There were 22 errors, and Boston defeated us 6-5.

April 22, 1938: His soon-to-be-famous daughter Grace 9 years old, Philadelphia Democratic Party Chairman John Kelly accuses Pennsylvania Senator Joseph Guffey of political corruption. He asks President Roosevelt — via telegraph — to launch a full scale investigation.

April 22, 1947: During a game against the Dodgers, the Phillies players call Jackie Robinson, who broke the color line just a week earlier, a “nigger”. Months later, Robinson won the inaugural MLB Rookie Player of the Year Award. The Phils finished 62-92.

April 22, 1976: Broad Street Bully Dave Schultz sets the record for penalty minutes in a playoff game with 42 minutes in the box. The record stands.

April 22, 1988: Neil Young rocks the Troc with his new band, The Bluenotes. He’s forced to change the name after Philly’s own Harold Melvin (as in Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes) cries foul.

April 22, 2007: Daily Show host Jon Stewart tells the Inquirer, “I have complete faith in the continued absurdity of whatever’s going on.”