What The Orchestra Needs Is A Little “Supercalifragilistic-Expialidocious”

Because in the city of cheesesteaks, it's Disney that sells—not Stravinsky

The next time the bankrupt Philadelphia Orchestra takes the stage at the Kimmel Center, it will be for a night of Stravinsky’s Apollon Musagète and Oedipus Rex on Thursday, April 28. They will be joined by two tenors, one mezzo-soprano, a baritone, a bass-baritone and more vocalists from the Philadelphia Singers Chorale. And holding the baton will be Charles Dutoit. But based on a new report, the Maestro would do well to attach himself to cables and fly around the room while his acclaimed symphony tackles a “Spoonful of Sugar.” (Of course, Yannick would look much cuter on the ropes.)

On Saturday, Variety released sales figures for the Broadway shows currently touring the United States. Only three reported box office grosses of $1 million or more for each of the last three weeks, and the Academy of Music’s production of Mary Poppins— it closed on Sunday—was one of them. (The other million-plus earners were Wicked in Ft. Lauderdale and Fresno.) Most of the Academy’s three-week run was near sold out, with many tickets priced at $100.

Meanwhile, if you want to pick up tickets to the aforementioned Philadelphia Orchestra performance, plenty of $43 tickets are still available.