I Pay My Taxes, I Want My Rights!

Designer Marc Jacobs raises marriage equality awareness with a new T-shirt for HRC

Known for his flamboyant style, gossip-getting personal life and longtime gay activism, fashion designer Marc Jacobs recently created a new T-shirt for the Human Rights Campaign. The recently unveiled tees take up the hotly debated marriage equality cause. Seems appropriate considering that today is tax day.

The political shirts feature an illustrated image of a lesbian couple and their child (one of whom sports a tattoo of the HRC logo) with the words, “I pay my taxes, I want my RIGHTS!” on the front and “Marc Jacobs Proudly Supports HRC” on the back.

“Inequality and discrimination are never fashionable,” says HRC President Joe Solmonese. “LGBT Americans deserve the same rights as everyone else.” He says thanks to DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), even legally married same-sex couples are excluded from more than 1,110 federal rights granted to opposite-sex couples. For example, domestic partner benefits are taxed for same-sex couples, but not for heterosexuals.

So if you’re planning a vacation this summer to one of many LGBT destinations around the country, the limited-edition tees (with proceeds benefiting HRC’s fight for marriage equality) will be available through HRC’s own retail shops in P-Town, San Francisco, Palm Springs and Washington, D.C., as well as online at Shop HRC.