Three-Year-Old From Bucks Got the TSA Treatment at PHL

Plus Ryan Madson's wife might be bitter about Philadelphia fans, more union perk aggro for Christie, Rick Santorum begins the fundraising, a state rep wants Arlene Ackerman fired and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Phillies Beat Nats 3-2. The game was close, and Halladay pitched the whole dang thing. [CSN, 700 Level]

Um, Ryan Madson’s Wife Maybe Really Doesn’t Like Us. Cliff Lee’s wife might have been looking forward to returning to our town, but Naked Philadelphian has posted (and Deadspin picked up) that at a recent fundraiser for a local charity, Sarah Madson said she hated Philadelphia fans and elaborated with, “There must be something particularly bad about Phillies fans because all the players leave in the off season.” [Naked Philadelphian, Deadspin]

Three-Year-Old Girl From Bucks Received TSA Pat-down. After video of a TSA pat-down of a child in New Orleans hit the news this week, a couple from Bucks County talked to NBC 10 about the time agents at PHL flagged their three-year-old girl for the physical screening. [NBC 10]

Rick Santorum Forms Presidential Exploratory Committee. He declared this last night on Fox, which just seems old-school after Mitt Romney’s Twitter/YouTube announcements. [Daily News] If you need a little help imagining what a “President Santorum” might look like, see here.

State Rep Wants Arlene Ackerman Fired. Michael McGeehan, who reps Northeast Philly in Harrisburg, is going to publicly call on Governor Corbett today to oust the school superintendent. [Inquirer]

WSJ Talks to Michael Vick. In this video where Vick is interviewed by a man in a pink sweater, the Eagles QB says the harshest media criticism motivates him and that he totally feels the public’s love when he’s out and about. Maybe he can take Sarah Madson out to lunch in Center City? [WSJ]

Bart Blatstein Is Breaking Up With Pathmark. No need to padlock any doors here. The NoLibs developer wants to end his agreement with the failing grocery chain because they have not moved into the ready space at the Piazza. The move could clear the way for another supermarket. [Inquirer]

Serial Killer Not Linked to A.C. Investigators have determined that the Long Island serial killer cases making headlines recently have no connection to the four prostitute murders in Atlantic City. [NYT]

Local Docs Support HIV-Positive Organ Donation. Doctors from Penn and Jefferson are calling for a reversal of a 1980 law that prohibits people with the virus from donating organs. They say more kidneys and livers could become available to transplant into other HIV-positive patients. [Newsworks]

Christie’s Cuts Now Include Taking the Clothes Off People’s Backs. Or, at least, taking away the $700 a year clothing allowance that many white-collar state union workers who don’t have to wear uniforms receive. A union rep says the report on this is misleading, but Christie says of union contracts, “You should see all the crap they’ve got in there. It’s unbelievable. Unbelievable.” []