Cole Hamels Gave Up Six Runs in One Inning

The Phillies lost 7-1. Plus more speculation about Charles Ramsey, how the electricians' union beat the system, Nutter's plan to end school violence, and more of what Philly is talking about today

Mets Hammer Hamels. In his season debut, Cole Hamels gave up six runs in the third inning. The Mets eventually won the game 7-1. There goes our perfect season! [High Cheese]

More Speculation About Charles Ramsey. Still no concrete answers, though. [Daily News]

“Biggest Loser” Philly-Style. Police and firefighters kicked off the 25th annual “Battle of the Badges,” which pits teams against each other to to see which service can lose the most weight in 13 weeks. If Ramsey leaves town, does his entire body count as a loss for the cops? [CBS]

Obama’s in Town. The President is visiting to discuss his plans to reduce the country’s dependency on foreign oil and help promote green jobs. Speaking of going green, driving around Fairless Hills will surely be a nightmare thanks to Obama’s motorcade, so the Scoop suggests biking. See how green we are? [MyFoxPhilly]

Nutter Speaks Up About School Violence. “Our goal is to work in partnership with the school district to bring additional resources to bear on a problem that stretches from the schools back to the neighborhoods and even into the homes of our students and their parents,” he said. The Scoop wonders how Queen Arlene plays into this partnership. [Inquirer]

The Electricians’ Union Finds a Political Loophole. Even though Philadelphia has limited PAC contributions to political candidates to $10,600, City Councilman Bill Green’s campaign received at least $40,000 last year from the PAC run by the city electricians’ union, thanks to a flaw in the city’s campaign-finance ordinance. Union leader John Dougherty did not respond to calls. [Daily News]

Mark Bittman Thinks We’re Great. He digs the Food Trust, Reading Terminal Market, and lots of healthy-food initiatives we’ve set up in the last few years. He even loves Nutter’s controversial soda tax. Aw shucks.  [New York Times]

Martha, Martha, Martha! The prim Ms. Stewart will discuss Longwood Gardens’ Lilytopia event on her show today. See television listings here.

“Fortune” in Bucks County? A selection of Bucks County tourism sites and services are a featured prize on tonight’s “Wheel of Fortune.” It’s a nice idea, but didn’t people used to win trips to the Caribbean and European cruises? Has the bad economy crept into our nation’s game shows? [Philadelphia Business Journal]