What We Love: Visit Philly on Foursquare

There are more ways to experience the city in the palm of your hand

Photos courtesy of Foursquare

If you’re as obsessed as we are with Foursquare, the mobile app that lets you check into favorite hot spots, don’t worry – you’re definitely not alone. An estimated 7.5 million users regularly make their mark (and stalk their friends) using the popular app. And in Philly, the appeal just got, well, a lot more appealing.

The Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC) has added another way for residents and visitors to experience the region with a branded page on Foursquare.

Mayor Michael Nutter – who’s an admitted tech lover – will help kick off the new launch at the Independence Visitor Center on April 30 (noon). Folks who check in (with hopes of becoming a virtual mayor on the app) will get a personal message from Nutter via Twitter (@Michael_Nutter). Foursquare mayorships will also be awarded to visitors with the most days checked into the Independence Visitor Center in the 60 days prior to the official April launch.

Visit PA was actually the first state to join Foursquare in May 2010 and the only state to offer badges, GPTMC reports.

The app – and its Philly page – will allow users who “check in” at venues to earn points and virtual Foursquare “badges.” Users can also access credible “tips” left by Visit Philly as they check in at spots around the region – users can also create their own to-do lists based on the advice they receive from other users – advice like why Marcello is a fabulous bartender at Stir and when is the best night for karaoke at Tabu.

G Philly would like to encourage Foursquare users to make some of the region’s most popular gay spots trend. Who knows? You could become the next “mayor” of Knock – if you can manage to oust Manny P.

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