32 People Arrested for Parking Tickets

Plus Corbett's hard line on Marcellus Shale, a local rhino's love of daytime TV, the latest on the Barnes drama and more of what Philly is talking about today

Corbett Firm on Refusal to Tax Marcellus Shale. Though he is considering an impact fee. Meanwhile, in case you were afraid that no one supports this (outside of the Corbett administration and natural-gas drillers), former governor Tom Ridge thinks it’s just dandy. [Inquirer]

Media Talking About Media Talking About Media. Yesterday, the Inquirer began a must-read seven-part investigative series on violence in Philadelphia’s public schools. [Inquirer] Education reporter Susan Snyder appeared on Fox29 last night [MyFoxPhilly] to discuss the story. And now the Scoop is telling you about it. See how that works?

Eagles Pro-Bowler Arrested. Offensive lineman Jason Peters was arrested in Louisiana over the weekend for playing his music too loudly. Minus 400 badass points. [NBC10]

Have You Paid Your Parking Tickets? This morning, 32 people were taken into custody as part of a “scofflaw sweep” against those who failed to pay traffic ticket violations and failed to appear in court. And you thought moving your car out of the two-hour spot was annoying. [NBC10]

Churchville Inn Destroyed. A fire tore through the Bucks County landmark.  [Philly Burbs]

The Barnes Saga Continues. Another day, another motion filed. [Main Line Times]

Here She Comes … Miss Philadelphia, that is. Maria Scirillo took the crown at this weekend’s competition. She’ll move on to the Miss Pennsylvania pageant, which she’ll need to win to qualify for the Miss America Pageant (and a chance to hang out with whichever washed up celebrity is hosting this year). [Inquirer]

Ellen Degeneres Mesmerizes Local Rhino. Tony, the Philadelphia Zoo’s 4,500-ton white rhino, watches Degeneres’s talk show every day. “We think it’s her voice because their vision is not that great.  But their hearing is very acute,” says the zoo’s curator of ungulates. Good to know; the Scoop figured it was the dancing. [CBS]