Campus Erupts Over Gay Hate

Angry students combat homophobia during a recent protest at PA's Allegheny College

Courtesy of Allegheny College

A college is a place for higher learning, right? That wasn’t the case recently when gay slurs were found scrawled on campus at Allegheny College in Meadville, Pa. According to the campus newspaper, after several controversial incidents students recently gathered for a “March Against Hate.”

The protest – which was attended by students, faculty and administration – was organized by student group Queers ‘N Allies in response to hate crimes that have happened on campus in the past few months. The participants chanted: If you are a hater – you shouldn’t be a Gator.

“To be honest, I would like to see the perpetrator of these incidents identified,” political science professor Sharon Wesoky told the Allegheny Campus. “Not to have them publicly shamed – but for people to know there’s repercussions for things like this.”

The campus confirmed that an investigation is pending into anti-gay slurs scrawled on dormitories – two in one week. And in addition to the recent protest, the office of the dean of students at the college confirmed that the school will address the situation formally by bringing in speakers to discuss LGBT issues and unity.