Daily Scoop: NFL Lockout Won’t Stop Vick

Plus D.A. Seth Williams's stress-relief secrets, Ackerman speaks up, Ed Rendell's looking for a quicker commute, questions about Milton Street's residency and more of what Philly's talking about this morning

Seth Williams Has Stress-Relief Candles. Not that the Scoop blames him. The New York Times‘s Maureen Down talked with our district attorney about “aromatherapy,” being Catholic and says the grand jury report in the church abuse case is “especially sordid.” [NYT]

Nutter to Street: Um, I Don’t Think So. Mayor Nutter’s reelection office is going to court to challenge Milton Street’s bid for mayor. They’re citing residency issues. The Scoop has one question: Why is Nutter bothering? Two links here for details; CBS 3 has the way better image. [CBS 3, Newsworks]

Ackerman Defends Firing Teacher. School District Superintendent Arlene Ackerman is speaking up about how she thinks Hope Moffett endangered her students and how the protests over the Renaissance plan are being led by teachers “who have their personal agendas.” [Newsworks]

Lockout Won’t Stop Vick. Michael Vick says if NFL contract negotiations continue to be problematic, he will get the Eagles together (perhaps in Florida or Hawaii) to work out. He also says he will do Oprah. [NBC 10]

Does Ed Rendell Sleep? Everyone knows the ex-guv has about 27 jobs now, but he’s also found time to write a little opinion piece (with Peter A. Peyser Jr.) for the Wall Street Journal on building a bullet train along the Northeast Corridor. Fast Eddie. Heh heh. [WSJ]

Mob Squad. Former mafia boss “Skinny Joey” Merlino was released from prison Monday, and according to the Daily News he needs a new nickname. As of yesterday, Merlino’s already settled into his new West Palm Beach home (a halfway house). Boy, the Scoop would love to be in Florida right now. Lucky ex-con. [DN, Inquirer]

Odd Couple: Christie and McGreevey. Remember when Jim McGreevey was governor of NJ? Well, yesterday at a town hall meeting, Jim’s dad, Jack McGreevey, and Governor Christie talked about what it’s like to be “hot and sexy.” [Inquirer]