Mr. Gay Comes Back to Philly

For the second year the male pageant will pick its winner in the Gayborhood

Eddie Rabon was crowned Mr. Gay last year in Philly (Courtesy of IMG)

It’s good news for the Gayborhood. The U.S. Mr. Gay competition will return to Philadelphia on November 11-12, according to Bruce Yelk of, who will produce the event for the second consecutive year.

Don Spraldin, the event’s creator and president of IMG Media, admitted that returning to Philly’s gay hub was a no-brainer thanks to the community’s vibrant nightlife and massive support of this popular all-male pageant. Contestants come to Philly from around the country to vie for the title of U.S. Mr. Gay.

“Last year’s competition far surpassed all expectations of the IMG committee,” Spradlin says. “The City of Philadelphia is very accessible, friendly and offers one of the most vibrant Gayborhoods in the country. These qualities make it the perfect location for the U.S. Mr. Gay competition again in 2011.”

Yelk says, “U.S. Mr. Gay brings together contestants representing the nation’s most prestigious cities, a wide variety of celebrity judges, performers and hosts, as well as spectators from all around the country.”

A series of competitive events throughout the U.S. will culminate in the crowing of 2012 U.S. Mr. Gay. “The winner of this competition will go on to compete in International Mr. Gay (IMG),” says Yelk. The IMG Competition is the largest and oldest running international contest to select an ambassador or spokesman to support the mission of the sponsoring nonprofit corporation – the Noble Beast Foundation.

If you want to vote on who gets to represent Philly this year, check out ongoing events at bars and nightclubs where Mr. Gay will be crowned locally. The winner of these events will go on to represent Philly in the competition come fall.