JoePa’s Son Speaks Out Against Penn State

He doesn't think the university deserves any funding

Scott Paterno, son of famed Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, took to the Rock the Capital webpage in support of Governor Corbett’s cuts to state-affiliated universities (including PSU). He thinks Corbett should take the cuts one step further and eliminate all state funding for the four non-state schools and instead give the money to the state’s 14 state-owned universities. “Viewed objectively a cut of $152 million is only a 3.8 percent cut in Penn State’s overall budget,” Paterno wrote. “Penn State annually operates on a budget in excess of $4 billion (athletics is self-funded, by the way). By comparison, the state system’s 14 schools have an aggregate budget of just over $2 billion … In that light, the cuts proposed disproportionately impact the state system dramatically, as they will see a 11.6 percent cut in their overall budget while Penn State has a modest 3.8 percent cut.” Wonder how daddy—and approximately 80 gazillion Penn State grads in Pennsylvania—feel about this.  [Capitol Ideas]