If There’s an NFL Strike, the Linc’s for Rent

Plus nobody wants to be mayor but everybody wants a council seat, board a US Airways flight with just your iPhone, and more of what Philly's talking about this morning

The Linc Might Be Available. If there’s an NFL strike, the Eagles are looking to rent out the stadium to make some money. The Scoop’s thinking satellite office … wonder if there’s free Wi-Fi. Also, season-ticket holders aren’t happy with the compensation plan the team’s offering. [Business Journal]

Everybody Wants a Seat on City Council. The mayor’s office might be a tough sell, but there’s no shortage of folks looking to run for council. (DROP as recruiting tool!) Yesterday was the deadline for potential candidates to file their nominating petitions, and the number’s north of 50. [Newsworks]

US Airways Offers Paperless Boarding. The airline is finally rolling out this technology, which has been around since 2007, at PHL. Check in online and you get a bar code on your iPhone or Blackberry that gate agents can scan. Says a US Airways spokesman, “It really works well for people who aren’t checking a bag, and time is of the essence.” Aha! Their whole MO makes total sense now. They think time is of the essence to only some of us. [Inquirer]

Woman Who Inspired Ronald McDonald House Dies. Kim Hill, who was the daughter of former Philadelphia Eagles tight end Fred Hill and whose struggle with leukemia as a kid prompted the founding of Ronald McDonald House in the ’70s, has died at age 44. [LA Times]

No News Is Not Good News With Utley. The Phillies and Chase are keeping mum about his tendinitis. Panic strikes … or at least the need to write something with no new information strikes. [Philly.com]