LGBT Leaders to Meet with Nutter on Boy Scouts Sale

The city lost its lawsuit against the Scouts. Now comes the controversial settlement.

On Wednesday, Mayor Nutter will meet with LGBT leaders in Philly – including Christopher Bartlett, executive director of the William Way LGBT Community Center – to discuss the decision to sell the Boy Scouts building in Logan Square, reports the Inquirer. The mayor’s own advisory board on LGBT affairs has asked him to not settle the case with the sale of the property in a letter sent Feb. 25.

The deal, which would sell the building to the Scouts for $500,000 (much less of its estimated value) would settle a lawsuit that attempted to evict the youth group from the city-owned property based on the Boy Scouts not allowing gay members or leaders.

The ACLU has also objected to the sale, as reported in G Philly weeks ago, citing the monetary value of the building (and the fact that the Scouts would likely sell the property for twice what they paid for it). The concern between the both the ACLU and LGBT leaders is also that the deal would somehow endorse the Boy Scout’s policy of gay discrimination by the City of Philadelphia.