Tonight, It’s All About the Guyliner

Diamond Rings performs at Johnny Brenda's

Like spandex and guyliner? You’re in luck. Tonight at Johnny Brenda’s, Toronto’s John O’ Regan of the indie-rock quartet The D’Urbervilles shows off his solo chops as Diamond Rings. The wild child – famous for his outlandish makeup and flamboyant getups – will dance, croon and dazzle with his synth-pop tunes.

If you dig Robyn and the Scissor Sisters, you’ll likely want to add Diamond Rings to your playlist. He once did a cover of Milla Jovovich’s “The Gentleman Who Fell.” Plus, tickets are only $10.

O’ Regan gives us some mod makeup tips here:

Diamond Rings (with P.S. I Love You and Virtual Virgin), 9 p.m., Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 Frankford Ave., 215-739-9684.