We’re Terrible People

The butt-injection story amuses us so. Plus: a gas explosion, Donald Rumsfeld, good Samaritans, and more of what Philly’s talking about this morning

Six Missing Following a Ginormous Gas Explosion in Allentown. There are almost assuredly casualties from the massive blast that blew out windows throughout downtown Allentown; fortunately, firefighters have the fire under control. [Morning Call]

Does It Make Us Bad People That We Find This Story Morbidly Fascinating, and a Little Amusing? (Probably.) Your silicone-buttocks-injection victim has been identified as Brit Claudia Aderotimi, who apparently wanted a hip-hop career and figured she needed to improve her, um, assets to make that happen. [Fox 29] A New Jersey woman, who’d had this procedure done to herself, helped set Aderotimi up with the woman who performed it. The cops are still looking for the latter woman. [Inquirer]

Donald Rumsfeld Spoke at the Constitution Center Last Night. Will Bunch was—surprise!—not impressed. [Daily News]

Should These Good Samaritans Be On The Hook? It’s an interesting question: They helped a cop subdue a loitering suspect—who later turned out to schizophrenic and wasn’t really doing anything wrong—and the suspect died. The cop who initiated the encounter is no longer on the force, but now, he and the Good Samaritans are being sued for $25 million. [Daily News]

Mayor Nutter Could Be In Trouble. If, that is, anyone besides Milton Street deigned to challenge him. A new poll finds that 53 percent thinks he doesn’t deserve reelection, and a strong Democrat would have a shot—though, that’s apparently not happening, at least not yet. Meanwhile, Tom Knox, the millionaire who’s been talking about a general election run as an independent, is down 46-28 against Nutter (the Republicans’ official sacrificial lamb was not polled this time around). [Daily News]

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