Rachel Maddow Blames the Religious Right for a Gay Activist’s Death

The lesbian talk show host links David Kato's murder in Uganda with a conservative Christian organization in the U.S.

Openly lesbian talk show host Rachel Maddow discussed the murder of gay activist David Kato in Uganda on her show recently, saying that there is a tie between his death and anti-gay upheaval in the African country that may stem from a religious group based in the U.S. She also showed footage from Kato’s chaotic funeral when the presiding priest and local villagers began protesting the service because Kato was openly homosexual.

Maddow links the murder of Kato with those in the religious right – namely Scott Lively, president of Abiding Truth Ministries – who visited the African country, telling locals that gays were interested in recruiting their children and spreading disease.

On his website, Lively writes, “There is indeed evil in Uganda today, but it is not the reaction of Christian and Moslem citizens to the rape of their culture. It is the pink-gloved hand of western powers that are cutting the throat of Africa’s most God-fearing country, and one of the world’s most promising Christian democracies.”

This statement comes after Uganda proposed the death penalty for LGBT people, as well as prison terms for friends and families of LGBT people.

Not long after the visit, Kato – considered the father of the LGBT civil rights movement in Uganda – was murdered in his home, beaten to death, after being vocal about gay rights in the African nation.

Watch the clip from Maddow’s show here: