16-Year-Old Shot in Center City

Plus: Closing the Florida loophole, cops getting free overtime, Wing Bowl, vouchers, and more of what Philly’s talking about this morning

16-Year-Old Boy Shot in Center City. Late yesterday afternoon, there was an altercation near 16th and Chestnut, and a teenager was shot in the thigh. His friends carried him into the H&M department store and sat him down by the front door—surely a thrilling prospect for whatever patrons were inside. A store manager tied a women’s belt around his leg to stem the bleeding as they waited for an ambulance to arrive. The victim declined to tell the cops who shot him, but the police say they have a suspect anyway. [Daily News] Related: The police (and probably the mayor’s office, and the tourism folks, and the Center City District) would like to point out that Center City shootings are exceedingly rare. [Daily News] Sort of related: City Council finally passed a bill (though, due to a clerk’s error, they’ll have to have a do-over in two weeks) to close the so-called Florida loophole that allows people to get out-of-state concealed weapons permits. [Inquirer]

Your Crashed Car Will Now Be Towed to the PPA Lot. Not, that is, to whatever bullshit place the tow-truck driver feels like taking it to. Yesterday, City Council passed a bill over tow-truck drivers’ objections that simplifies the process for getting towed cars back. [Newsworks]

Money For Nothing, Overtime For Free. The DN’s Pulitzer-winning duo are back with this expose into the utterly ridiculous system whereby arbitrators force the city to pay hypothetical overtime to cops who have been reinstated after being fired or suspended, or even those who’ve successfully argued that their supervisors denied them the “right” to overtime. Read it. Simply unreal. [Daily News]

A Smart Take on Vouchers. From Inky vet-turned-Metropolis chief, Tom Ferrick, who points out that the devil is in the details—and considering no actual bill has been filed, even though state Senators Anthony Williams and Jeff Piccola have touted their as-yet-nonexistent bill as “civil rights legislation,” those details may yet prove insurmountable and unworkable. [Metropolis]

We Really Don’t Get This Thing. But whatever, Wing Bowl 19 is underway. [Fox 29]

Pick On This Kid, and Desean Jackson Will Kick Your Ass (If Whoopi Goldberg Doesn’t Get There First). Nadin Khoury, the 13-year-old Upper Darby bullying victim whose beating went viral last week, was surprised on The View yesterday—where he was praised for going public with his story—with a jersey from Desean. [Daily News]

Department of Very Important Contests. Don’t forget, you have until February 18th to tell us, in 200 words or less, why you’re the Phillies’ number one fan. Winner gets $500 (!) and will be honored in our April issue, which is awesome. Get cracking. [Just Click Here]