Failed Faith Healers Get Probation, Not Jail

Plus: Clean energy, zoning laws, Juan Castillo, dumb zero tolerance rules, and more of what Philly’s talking about this morning

President Obama to Tout Clean Energy Initiatives at Penn State. Part of the plan, simply enough, is to get rid of longstanding tax breaks for oil and gas and use that money to incentivize clean energy production, which he mentioned in the State of the Union. Today, he’ll also be talking about tax deductions for green commercial buildings, energy upgrades to existing buildings, and a bunch of other commonsense ideas that will probably go nowhere because House Republicans are owned by Exxon. [Inquirer]

We Now Know the Penalty for Child-Killing Religious-Inspired Stupidity. It’s 10 years probation, but no jail time, for the “parents” who denied their child basic medical care that would have saved their 2-year-old son because they belong to a faith-healing church that believes taking Tylenol means you don’t believe in God or whatever. At least the sentence mandates medical care for their seven living children, so there’s that. [Daily News]

Coming This Month: The First Overhaul of the City’s Zoning Plan in 50 Years. It will include an emphasis on using city planning to make us healthier—after suburbanization made us fat. [PlanPhilly]

If Toy Guns Are Outlawed, Only Outlaw First Graders Will Have Toy Guns. A 7-year-old brought a Nerf “gun” to his school in Hammonton, N.J.—the kind of $5 thing that shoots ping-pong balls—and school officials call the cops. The kid now faces misdemeanor charges of “possessing an imitation firearm in or on an education institution.” You see, school officials have a zero-tolerance policy, which, even though the kid was reportedly a good student, trumps common sense. [NBC Philadelphia]

So, No One’s Happy About This Juan Castillo Thing, Right? The Eagles’ surprise choice for a defensive coordinator—its offensive line coach—wasn’t what you’d call a crowd-pleaser. [Daily News]

Why Did the Cops Shoot Harry Bennett? The Scoop is a bit behind the 8-ball here—this story came out last week—but it’s worth a read anyway. According to witnesses, police officers shot a mentally ill man after Tasering him three times, then dragged his body out of the house by the ankles, as his head banged on the front steps. The dailies reported none of this, meanwhile; the official word from the cops seemed sufficient. [City Paper]