Michael Musto Rips Calvin Klein

The Village Voice columnist - and regular in Philly - criticizes the fashion designer for his new boy toy







Michael Musto, a well-known gay columnist for the Village Voice – and a regular guest star on Philly’s gay scene (he judged Mr. Gay U.S.A.) – has pointed the poison pen at designer Calvin Klein recently in his La Dolce Musto blog.

Musto, who talked with G Philly last year about all the hottest headlines in the gossip world, has asked Klein to get back into the closet, saying he’s an embarassment to the gay community after taking up with 21-year-old ex-porn star Nick Gruber.

“You never were really that much of a gay hero in the first place,” Musto writes, commenting on Klein never officially coming out. “Remember when you suddenly had a wife because, as AIDS made it uncool to be gay, you took the wussy way out and closeted yourself so you could sell more T-shirts and perfume?”

Now, the gossip gadfly says Klein is trotting around town arm-in-arm with his new boy toy, to the disappointment of gays everywhere. “Calvin, you went from deeply closeted to being more open about your shame-based antics, and I don’t know what’s worse,” writes Musto.

The fiery comments come on the heels of a Page Six item about the duo being seen together at Gruber’s 21st birthday at Indochine this past weekend. Klein is 68.