Video: Gas Explosion in Northeast Philly

Plus: The cops are puzzled by the Kensington Strangler, Tom Corbett gets sworn in, The Onion comes to Philly, and more of what's news this morning

One PGW Employee Dead in Gas Explosion in Northeast. Three more people are in critical condition. Watch the extraordinary video here…then read more details. [Inquirer]

Kensington Strangler: Calm, Stable Upbringing. Antonio Rodriguez says he didn’t set out to kill anyone–and knew he had to stop. Detectives are puzzled by his calm demeanor and seemingly stable childhood. [Inquirer]

Tom Corbett Gets Sworn In….The new governor took the oath using a Bible once owned by William Penn. Then everybody got naked and danced. (Okay, the Scoop admits one of those sentences isn’t true.) [Inquirer]

…And People Are Already Asking Questions. As attorney general, did Corbett bury a forgery case involving new Congressman Pat Meehan? Delco Dems say there were lots of fishy signatures on Meehan’s nominating petitions, but Corbett did squat about it. [Daily News]

Camden Officially Lays Out Welcome Mat for Criminals. The city laid off 168 police officers and 67 firefighters. Could it have been averted with some concessions from the unions? Fun fact of the day: A typical Camden police officer makes $140,000 in salary and benefits. [Courier Post]

Christine O’Donnell Forms a PAC. The former Delaware Senate candidate has launched ChristinePAC. A spokesperson for O’Donnell says the primary focus for the committe is to promote “issue-activism and as an educational resource to empower citizen activist candidates at all levels of government.” So, nothing about witches or masturbation, apparently. [Newsworks]

The Onion Is Launching a Philadelphia Edition. This is not a joke. []