Philly Lesbians the Subject of a New Documentary

It's all about the gold spandex and gem sweaters at this same-sex wedding

Courtesy of Leslie Hall

Amanda and Rachel both share a love for each other – and the very wacky Internet sensation Leslie Hall. But since Philadelphia doesn’t allow gay marriage, these two carefree creatives decided to hit the road – with grandma in tow – to get married by the gold pants-wearing white rapper from Ames, Iowa, where gay marriage was made legal last year.

Sparked, in part, by the national debate about same-sex marriage rights, the Philly couple is now the focus of a new 30-minute documentary currently in production, Married in Spandex, which has already been awarded a grant from the Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association.

The ladies have launched an online fundraising campaign to help finish the cost of producing the film about their bedazzled nuptials. They’re currently raising money in increments of $20 to $1,000 on Anyone who pledges dollar amounts over $20 gets special thank-you gifts – like signed DVDs, fingerless gold spandex gloves or even an executive producer credit on the film (for the high rollers only).

Check out a preview of the movie – complete with Leslie Hall’s signature dance moves – online.