Meatballs, Pizza and a Great New Do

Get it all in the Gayborhood. By Matthew Izzo

Courtesy of Marabella

Last night I was heading into the 12th Street Gym and saw something I don’t normally see there: meatballs. No, I’m not talking about all the sexy Italian guys at the gym. These were yummy meatball sandwiches from Marabella. The sandwiches are so good that I feel a new trend coming on – one that even my Italian grandma would approve of. So if you find yourself on 12th Street in the Gayborhood, you must try one of these sandwiches smothered with tomato sauce and cheese. I’m truly in love with these meatballs.

Courtesy of Barbuzzo

There must be something about Italian food this time of year. When my boyfriend and I were having our favorite blood-orange margaritas at El Vez recently, he said, “I want pizza.” So we went across the street to Barbuzzo and we both fell in culinary love with the Uovo pizza with truffle oil and farm-fresh eggs. It’s heaven on a plate. Partners in life and business Val and Marcie have done it again with their latest eatery on 13th Street – the pizzas are among the best dishes on the menu.

These days, you don’t even have to leave the Gayborhood for a great new haircut. Head Area salon gives some of the best looks in the city. Go see Lee, Joanne or Steve to spruce up this winter. Because if you’re going to stuff yourself with meatballs and pizza, you might as well look great doing it.

Matthew Izzo is the owner of Matthew Izzo, a fashion and furniture boutique in Old City. He’s opening a new boutique in the Gayborhood this month.