Philly Moves Closer to Selling Headquarters to Scouts

Local gay rights advocates voice objections to Nutter

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the sale of the Logan Square headquarters of the Boy Scouts by the City of Philadelphia may go forward despite opposition from several civic leaders and gay rights activists. As mentioned on G Philly, the ACLU had issued a rejection of the deal, saying it would be wrong for the city to sell the scouts’ headquarters at a fraction of the cost to an organization that discriminates against gays.

Despite the opposition, Councilman Darrell L. Clarke is proposing legislation that would push the sale forward, according to the Inquirer. The bill introduced last week would allow the sale to happen provided that the Boy Scouts agree to not sell the real estate for at least 10 years (a concern among neighboring community groups) and that the space could also be used for programs that address LGBT issues (an olive branch to gay rights leaders).

Several local gay rights advocates are unhappy with the proposed legislation and sent a letter to Mayor Michael Nutter asking him to stop the sale. Those in opposition include Sister Mary Scullion, founder of Project HOME, David Adamany, former president of Temple University, and Casey Cook, executive director of Bread and Roses Community Fund.

City Council won’t vote on Clarke’s measure, says the Inquirer, until next year when sessions resume.

G Philly wants to know what you think: Should the sale go forward if gay rights organizations can share the space? Would you be comfortable participating in a space owned by a group that discriminates against gays?