Marge Tartaglione Will Not Abide Your Crap

Also: Video of the Kensington strangler? Another dirty cop on the street? Another very important list? That and more in today's Scoop.

Here We Go Again. The Daily News’s Pulitzer Prize winners, Barbara Laker and Wendy Ruderman, have the goods on another allegedly dirty PPD cop. Commissioner Charles Ramsey took Officer Joseph Sulpizio off the street yesterday after the DN started asking about charges that Sulpizio stole cash from people he stopped on the street. [Daily News]

The Big Break? The cops think they have video of the Kensington strangler. [Daily News]

Only in Philadelphia, Vol. 437248. Don’t you dare impugn the integrity of the City Commissioners, says Marge Tartaglione — who is 77, and, yes, running for another term, because why the hell not, and, no, completely unapologetic about threatening to punch a reporter for deigning to ask her if the office was corrupt. [Newsworks]

Powwow for the Political Elite. Tonight begins the Pennsylvania Society weekend — in New York, of course — which will feature fetes and dinners and parties and schmoozing and ridiculously expensive Manhattan hotel rooms. (There’s a reason we’re not there. Besides, you know, not being invited.) [MCall]

Breaking: Another Very Important List. U.S. Airways magazine — where we all aspire to work when we grow up — praised Philly for having the best holiday spirit in the land, based on holiday displays in Center City, or something. [AP via]

And, Finally, Some Good News. New unemployment claims are down to the second-lowest level this year. Economists are cautiously optimistic. [AP via]