Pulse: Chatter: Name That ‘Hood

If not Grad Hospital, then what?

The recent mass migration into the area of the city once named for now-defunct Graduate Hospital — the stretch from South to Washington and Broad to the Schuylkill — has not only created a community hungry for a decent supermarket: It’s revived the search for a new, relevant neighborhood name. But residents struggle with options: SoRo? Too NYC. SoSo? Too mediocre. G-Ho? Too slutty. “Pemberton Village,” suggests Andrew Dalzell, project coordinator for the South of South Neighborhood Association (SOSNA), for the family that once owned much of the land in question. “Plus, there’s Pemberton Street in the area.” Still, the chances of PemVi catching on are slim, he thinks, because “Namings come organically” — and that’s a tall order in such a sprawling neighborhood. He thinks the winner of the name game ultimately will be … Graduate Hospital. Only because, he reasons, “Real estate pros are still finding cachet in calling it that.”