Eagles Take First Place in NFC East

Plus Camden's high crime ranking, protests that might thwart your holiday travel, plans for the space formerly known as the Spectrum and more of what Philly's talking about this morning

Camden Earns Second-Highest Crime Rate Ranking. Camden Mayor Dana Redd dismissed the report and encouraged folks to “come see the revitalization effort taking place in Camden.” Hey, at least the NJ town’s not #1 on the list anymore. [Daily News]

Eagles Beat Giants. Penalties, bobbled snap and all, the Birds still move into first place in NFC East. [CSN]

Scanner Protests at PHL During Peak Thanksgiving Travel? If you’re traveling on Wednesday, watch out. There’s a plan in the works for protestors to refuse the body scan in favor of the more time-consuming TSA pat-downs. [Inquirer]

New Drug Court in Bucks County. A new program will give addicts a shot at the kind of rehab treatment the stars at Betty Ford get. Dear Lindsay, New Hope is lovely this time of year! [PhillyBurbs.com]

More Than 20,000 Runners Take on Philadelphia Marathon. While you were sleeping yesterday morning, Daniel Vassallo was running 26.2 miles in two hours and 28 minutes. To that the Scoop says, “Please pass the pancakes.” [Daily News]

What Will Replace the Spectrum? Grand plans for the behemoth Philly Live! entertainment complex have been scaled back to a sports bar for now. Whenever that’s built, we hope someone will review the bar’s admission policy. [Daily News]