Pa. Supreme Court Tosses City Council’s Public Comment Ban

Plus the state’s new pension bill, Michael Vick, Foxwoods’ fail, the PLCB, the Boy Scouts deal, and why Hannity and Beck are out on The Big Talker

Pa. Supreme Court Tosses City Council’s Ban on Public Comment at Meetings. Also, City Council had a ban on public comments at meetings. [Inquirer]

The State’s New Pension Bill: “Rescue” or “generational theft?” It’s Our Money says the truth lies “somewhere in the middle.” [It’s Our Money]

Foxwoods Has Until December 10th to Get Its Plans Together. Will they? The safe money—geddit?—says no. [Newsworks]

Are You Ready to Forget and Forgive Michael Vick? No? Will another touchdown help? [Inquirer]

The PLCB Postpones a Liquor Tax for Six Months. Tom Corbett applauds. [Post-Gazette]

Gay Leaders Upset With the City’s Boy Scouts Deal. The city is selling the Scouts their building for half the appraised value, which according to Malcolm Lazin of Equality Forum, smacks of “literally rewarding discrimination.” [Daily News]

Hannity and Beck Are Out on The Big Talker. That sound you hear is Joey Vento crying. [Daily News]