FDA: Four Loko Is Illegal

Shocking, we know. Plus Gamble and Huff were honored on Broad Street, former Philly elephants may have been mistreated, local Boy Scouts make peace with the city, and more of what Philly is talking about today

PA General Assembly Overrides Rendell’s School Bill Veto. Rendell believes the law gives unfair tax breaks to certain charter-school landlords, including 15 in Philadelphia. [Inquirer]

Boy Scouts’ Gay Rights Battle Ends … Maybe. After 10 years of disputes stemming from local Boy Scouts’ refusal to explicitly renounce the policy of refusing gay members, the city has offered to sell the Boy Scouts’ headquarters to the organization for half its retail price.  But only if Councilman Darrell L. Clarke announces the bill today. [Inquirer]

Bye-Bye Four Loko. The FDA warned manufacturers that it is illegal to produce the beverage. Their solution? Take out the caffeine. [Inquirer] Meanwhile, Penn kids remind us that the combination of caffeine and booze is easy enough to achieve at home. “You don’t have to be smart to mix an energy drink with vodka,” one student says. Now that’s what The Scoop calls Ivy League education. [Daily Pennsylvanian]

Bad News: Philadelphia’s Bond Rate Lowered. Moody’s Investors Service has downgraded Philadelphia’s bond rating, making it more difficult for the city to borrow money.  [It’s Our Money]

Better News: N.J. Employment Rising. The state gained 2,600 jobs last month. [Philadelphia Business Journal]

Philly’s Own Walk of Fame. In a ceremony yesterday, the stretch of Broad Street in front of Philadelphia International Records headquarters was renamed Gamble & Huff Walk. Go ahead, listen to “Love Train.” You know you want to. [Make Major Moves]

Former Philadelphia Zoo Elephants Allegedly Mistreated. Friends of Philly Zoo Elephants say Kallie and Bette, 28-year-old African elephants who were moved to International Conservation Center in Somerset County, have been confined to small spaces and denied free access to water for drinking or bathing. [Daily News]