Phillies Pitcher Roy Halladay Wins Cy Young Award

Plus another arrest in the Omni Hotel murder/fire, Brian Tierney gets new job, Dwight Evans loses his job, a new Comcast iPad app, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Dwight Evans Loses Job. Our area state rep got booted from the PA House Appropriations Committee, and some Allegheny County Dem is taking his place. Bad news for Philly. Good news for Pittsburgh. [Inquirer, WHYY]

Doc Halladay Wins Cy Young Award. The Phillies pitcher, who was vacationing in Mexico when he found out, gets a $250,000 bonus with the nod. [CSN,] Do you think it bothers him that we still pine for Cliff Lee? []

Brian Tierney Will Go Back to P.R. Now that he’s out of the newspaper business, he wants to “do something entrepreneurial again.” His first brilliant branding move? Naming his new marketing firm Brian Public Relations. He says there are “millions and millions of reasons” he can’t use his last name. Is one of them that “Tierney” is associated with “bankruptcy”? [New York Times]

Transgender Prostitute Didn’t Act Alone. Police have arrested another man who they say was involved in covering up the murder of a Chester County man at the Omni hotel at the end of October. [Daily News]

Pennsylvanians Losing Health Insurance. More employers aren’t offering health benefits. Guess they think you should just be happy you have a job in the first place. [PA Budget and Policy Center]

Buzz Bissinger Calls Michael Vick “Dog Executioner.” The former Inky reporter and author of Friday Night Lights says he wakes up “every morning literally mad about something.” But his Twitter followers already know that. [LA Times] And so does Philly Mag Senior Writer Sandy Hingston, who profiled Bissinger earlier this year in the magazine.

Speaking of Michael Vick’s Dogs. As MVP rumors about the Eagles QB increase, some people just can’t forget his past. Especially if you adopted a cute little pit bull who can’t bark and goes into convulsions every time a stranger comes near. [LA Times]

Keith Urban Plays at 30th Street Station. The Australian country singer gave a free concert at the train station yesterday to promote his album. No word yet on how much change was tossed into his guitar case. [6ABC]

Comcast: There’s An App for That. The cable company now has an iPad app that allows users to set their DVR remotely. Soon, you’ll also be able to watch programming. The Scoop is begging for a “tracking device” app he can use while waiting for someone to come out and fix his cable. [Business Journal, CNET]