Eagles Beat Peyton and Turkey Loves Iverson

Plus Sam Katz says he won't run for mayor, graffiti at the new South Street bridge, Philly loves pumpple and more of what everyone's talking about today

Katz Won’t Run for Mayor. After playing will-he-or-won’t-he for months, Sam Katz announced this morning that he will not run against Michael Nutter in the Democratic primary. Tom Knox just made an appointment with his hair stylist. [CBS3]

Eagles Beat Peyton. Vick returns and remains un-intercepted. Jackson’s back. And Samuel runs around so much he needs a hit of oxygen on the sidelines. [Inquirer]

Who’s Our Region’s Most Influential Republican? We’ll give you two hints. He owns a candy company. And he went to prison in 1989. That would be Montco GOP power broker Bob Asher, of Asher Chocolates, and he was The Man behind Corbett’s victory and other Republican wins last week. [Inquirer]

New South Street Bridge Opens. Unfortunately, drivers aren’t the only ones racing to cross the span. Three people were arrested early Sunday morning and admitted to police they were on their way to tag the new structure. Kids these days. Oh, wait. One of them was 30. [NBC10]

Turkey Loves Iverson. People swarmed him when he arrived at the airport (wearing a 76ers hat!) over there this morning, and the b-baller plans to learn Turkish so he can “interact” with fans. They’re also throwing him a light and music welcome show tomorrow. Sheesh. Someone from Philadelphia needs to go over there and show Besiktas how to play hard to get. [LA Times]

Jamie Moyer Injures Elbow. Not everyone has as much luck overseas. The pitcher hurt himself playing in the Dominican Republic on Saturday. [Philly.com]

Pumpple Cake Is a Success. Philly’s Flying Monkey Patisserie is apparently selling out of $8, 1,800-calorie, pie-inside-a-cake slices-for-four most mornings. We thought about including another link to an article that shows where our city ranks on the fattest fatties list, but we decided not to, just in case Googling that list is the only exercise our readers might get today. [Wall Street Journal]

The I-95 to PA Turnpike Connection. The project to join the two major roads is quietly underway. Don’t schedule the ribbon cutting just yet. “Phase one” will take seven years. [CBS3]

Heroin Bust in Bensalem. Police seized $600,000 worth of the drug last week, apparently fresh from “mules.” The Scoop’s favorite phrases from this article are “fecal matter” and “accoutrements of drug dealing.” Redundant really. [PhillyBurbs.com]