The 10 Gayest Halloween Costumes Ever

From Lady Gaga to game show hosts, we've seen it all

Natalie Hope McDonald

Still not sure what to wear this weekend for “Gay Christmas?” G Philly has created a list of the top 10 gayest Halloween costumes ever.

1. Anyone from the Village People: Yes, that includes the cop, the cowboy, the Indian, the construction worker and (obviously) the leather daddy. Carefully sculpted facial hair – especially when combined with uniforms like the ones found on UPS drivers – tend to really tip the gay scales (and not just on the guys either).

2. Celebrity divas known by their first names: If you’re paying homage to any diva who’s famous on a first-name basis (Madonna, Cher, Liza and Beyonce) you have yourself a gay Halloween costume. Don’t worry, sexy versions of standard costumes (like sexy witches and cats) are totally hetero.

3. Patsy: If you’re swigging Stoli straight from the bottle and have a towering mane, er, wig of blonde hair (before Snooki ever Snooked It) than you are definitely having a gay Halloween moment. And if you can quote verbatim from your favorite episodes from the “Absolutely Fabulous box set, even better. Coming in a very close second: Eddy

4. Superhero duos: Take two physically fit gym rats, put them in spandex tights and half-masks and you have the perfect recipe for a super gay superhero partner costume (you also have the theme for Woody’s Halloween party this year). The gayest of all these masked men is Batman and Robin. This pair has become the embodiment of gay sexual desire for fruity comic book nerds everywhere.

5. Brokeback Mountain: There was a time when boasting a pair of steel-tip boots and sporting a Stetson with your Levis may have been considered very macho. But that was before Heath Ledger got it on with Jake Gyllenhaal. Other gay cowboy costume ideas: The Marlboro Man and Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboy.

6. Divine: Really anyone from the John Waters pantheon of trash films will do. But Divine has become the drag poster child for more than one zaftig queen. Another heavy hitter is Leigh Bowery (you know, the guy Gaga ripped off).

7. Tigger: A lot of lesbians love Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. They get tattoos of Tigger. They wear apparel with Tigger embroidery. And they even dress up like Tigger for Halloween. Other awkward children’s costumes on adults: Pretty much any of the Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series.

8. Former game show regulars: “The Match Game” and “Hollywood Squares” are campy cauldrons for gay character costumes that include Charles Nelson Reilly, Paul Lynde, Brett Somers, Wayland Flowers and Madame, Joan Rivers, Carol Channing and Charo. Please note that the same goes for retro 70s and 80s television shows like “The Love Boat, “Dynasty and “Dallas.”

9. Any character from “The L Word (especially Shane): The lesbian series may be over, but the impact is ongoing when it comes to rock-and-roll haircuts and skinny jeans. You get double points for gaying it up as one of the women from “The Real L Word (especially Mikey).

10. Lady Gaga: Bonus gay points if you recreate that meat dress.