Joe Blanton to Start Game 4

Yes, we're just going to skip right over last night. Plus: San Fran is full of rude little rugrats, it's not just DRPA employees Chris Christie is picking on, and more of what Philly is chattering about this morning

Um, Yeah, That Other Team Won 3-Zip. But this Joe guy, who isn’t named Roy or Cole but apparently pitches for the Phils anyway, he’ll set things right! [Daily News, Sports]

The Scoop Weeps for the Children of San Francisco. This picture is just appalling. [The 700 Level]

$90 Million Solar Farm to Break Ground in South Jersey. The Scoop was going to say the 71,000 panels constitute the Garden State’s first-ever inedible crop, but then he remembered cranberries. [Inquirer]

Blue Bell Mom Finds Son’s Meth Lab in Her Basement. She almost bought the science-fair-project excuse — then remembered her son is 45. [The Daily Delco]

Jersey Turnpike to Slash Employee Freebies. Someone apparently weaponized DRPA Disease and infected the statewide agency — to the tune of $50 million since 2007. [Inquirer]

Christine O’Donnell Surprised to Hear About This First Amendment Doohickey. In a debate at Widener’s law school, the Delaware tea party candidate for Senate questioned the separation of church and state. [6 ABC]