The 10 Artists Who Have the Most Songs on My iPod

Who's on yours?

Les Bowen wrote a provocative piece in the Daily News on race and Michael Vick this week, and, unfortunately, I ended up talking about it with my listeners for two nights.  While I recognize that discussion on race is ultimately important, I HATE IT, because racists on both sides with their own agendas come out of the woodwork. By the time I get off the air I have a headache and I feel confused over whether these bozos even deserve to have a forum.

Driving home in the pouring rain on the treacherous Schuylkill this morning in a bad mood, “Charlie Brown” by the Coasters came on the radio.  It’s such a silly, fun song (“Yakkety Yak!  Don’t talk back!”) and it immediately lifted my spirits.  How awful can a world be that can produce such a terrific song?  I could not begin to tell you how many times a song has come along at a specific moment and literally saved my life.  Music is the single greatest proof that there might be a god. [SIGNUP]

Now my regular listeners know and appreciate my love of music.  Once a week I list my five favorite iPod additions ands I get tremendous response at my website and on Facebook.  All my music topics generate a ton of conversation.  I always thought the reason for that was music stations PLAY music , but don’t really TALK it.  The same guy that will argue with you over who the greatest Eagles QB is will also debate you over Eddie Van Halen and Jimi Hendrix.

So, occasionally I’m gonna hit you with a music column just to keep it light.   To kick it all off, let’s discuss my ipod.  I don’t throw EVERYTHING on there like some do.  I have 8778 songs on it and every one of them is awesome in some way.  I keep all drek off.  As much as I adore The Beatles White Album and Radiohead’s OK Computer, “Revolution #9” and “Fitter Happier” ain’t ruining my shuffle.

So the ten artists who have the most songs on my iPod have accomplished something amazing.  Now while you’re gonna immediately be able to guess my age by these artists, trust me, I have a TON of current songs on my iPod.   With two daughters living with me who love music, and young producers and interns at WIP, I am always on top of what’s going down at the moment.  However, they just have not been around long enough to get close to the top ten.

So here they are:


10.   ELVIS COSTELLO. (110)   I love him in ALL his genre glory.

9.    THE BEACH BOYS.  (116)   But what truly happens if I throw in the 29 Brian Wilson tunes?

8.   NEIL YOUNG.  (118)   Another artist who switched it up style-wise constantly.  Hmmm, maybe there’s a trend brewing.

7.   VAN MORRISON.  (119)   Aren’t many albums ever recorded as unique as Astral Weeks.

6.   TOM WAITS. (120)   Helps that this twisted, yet hilarious,  genius recorded so many songs that clock under two minutes.

5.   BOB DYLAN.  (121)    Elvis Costello might not have even had a career if it wasn’t for Positively 4th Street.

4.   THE WHO. (136)   Imagine you are thirteen years old and the first two live acts you see are James Brown at the Spectrum and The Wjho at the original EFC.  Where do go from there?

3.   THE ROLLING STONES. (148)   What puts this number so high is that I LOVE their first five albums, which a large number of even Stones fans dismiss.

2.    THE BEATLES. (242)  The Greatest Songwriters Ever.  Period.

1.    FRANK SINATRA. (390)   I know.   That number is incredible, isn’t it?  That’s what happens when the the man who invents pop singing collides with all those amazing songwriters.  When you collect Sinatra you end up amassing the premier work of Arlen, Cahn, Porter, Gershwin, etc.  When someone like Rod Stewart releases that great American songbook stuff, I ALREADY GOT IT.  BUY THE MASTER.  He somehow manages to keep finding perfectly tailored songs in his sixties.  What amazing taste he had.