Philly to New York in 38 Minutes

It could happen with Amtrak's proposed high-speed rail line. Plus: The unemployment rate drops, the Spectrum will soon be torn down, texting bans cause car crashes and more of what's news this morning

Philly to New York in 38 Minutes. That’s all it would take under Amtrak’s plan for a new high-speed rail line on the Northeast corridor. Cost: $117 billion over 30 years. Build it! [Inquirer]

Philly Is the Poorest Big City in America. We have the highest poverty rate of any city in the top 10, at 25 percent. And we’re getting poorer. One in three kids in the city lives below the poverty level. [Inquirer]

Did Texting Ban Cause More Car Crashes? A new study shows that auto accidents caused by texting actually increased after four states banned texting while driving. Possible reason: drivers get distracted not just by texing, but by trying to hide it. [Inquirer]

Corbett’s Lead Is Shrinking in Guv’s Race. A new poll shows Tom Corbett up 36 percent to 32 percent over Dan Onorato among likely voters, with 31 percent undecided. A month ago Corbett’s lead was 11 points. [Daily News]

Pennsylvania Unemployment Rate Drops to 9.2 Percent in September. That’s a point lower than it was in August. In the Philly region the rate is 9.1 percent. [Business Journal]

Specter: The Extremists Have Taken Over. While paying respects to the late Alaska senator Ted Stevens, Arlen bemoaned the passing of moderate politicians like himself. “Moderates and some conservatives have fallen like flies at the hands of the extremists in both parties.” [Morning Call]

Say Goodbye, Spectrum. The arena will start being dismantled from the inside in November, then get whacked with a wrecking ball in December. The Scoop mourns. [NBC Philadelphia]