Business: Traveling Man Hal Rosenbluth’s Next Act

After selling his family’s iconic Philly travel business, Rosenbluth is busy with his latest big idea: trying to make getting health care as easy as visiting your local Wawa

Health-care business consultant David E. Williams wonders how much profit primary-care clinics can generate, since personnel can be expensive. But he has no question the public wants what they’re selling. Not only are they lower-cost, but who wants to sit around in a doctor’s waiting room when you can get in and out of a drugstore clinic in minutes?

WITH NEAR-DAILY 5:45 A.M. TAKEOFFS from Atlantic Aviation on Enterprise Avenue, Rosenbluth’s schedule is brutal, even if the plane is his natural habitat these days. “I don’t even notice when it takes off,” he says.

Despite his airborne lifestyle, Rosenbluth is trying to make his own health more of a priority. Two years ago, he realized that he, the health-care innovator, wasn’t feeling all that well himself. First, he was diagnosed as pre-diabetic; then a cow bit him at the ranch, leading to a staph infection (diagnosed at the King of Prussia Walgreens). Now he’s watching his diet, playing basketball, and walking the trails in Conshy when he can find time. “If the president of the health and wellness division dies, it’s not going to look too good,” he observes. That said, he adds, “I’m still on a mission. Until I see health care change, I’m going to keep going.”

En route back to Gladwyne from Tennessee, he realizes he promised his wife he’d spend the weekend at the Shore house in Avalon he hasn’t visited all summer. He’s looking forward to seeing her, but appears a bit at a loss at the prospect of a weekend of relaxation. Then he remembers he has a boat in storage at the Shore, so he calls the marina to have it delivered to his dock. He seems vaguely relieved, but still flummoxed by the notion of time off.

Then he brightens. He’s got two weeks scheduled in August at the ranch, where there are always cows calving, hay haying, and barns that need repairs, which makes Rosenbluth feel comfortable. Then in the fall, he’ll be back into flu-shot season, a busy time in the mini-clinic world. And no doubt things are only going to get busier. With Wawa expanding into Ciabatta Melts and Wawaccinos, who knows what Rosenbluth’s got up his sleeve for Take Care?