Obama Comes to Masterman Today

While a Washington Post writer takes a shot at the school. Plus: Tony Blair gets his medal, Ray Didinger defends Kevin Kolb and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Autopsy Shows Penn Star Had Brain Disease. An autopsy revealed that Penn football team co-captain Owen Thomas, who committed suicide last April, had the early stages of brain disease — possibly from head trauma suffered on the field. [Inquirer]

Live from Philly, It’s President Obama. The President will give his second annual back-to-school pep talk from Masterman. The kids are psyched. [Inquirer]

Washington Post Writer Says Obama Picked Wrong School for Speech. Her basic point is that Masterman is too good and that Obama should give the speech from a school in need of a turnaround. Whatever. [Washington Post]

Blair Accepts Liberty Medal. The former British PM, who’s hawking a new book, received the award at the Constitution Center from Bill Clinton, who called Blair a “wonderful world citizen.” (Coincidentally, this is how The Scoop often refers to himself.) [Inquirer]

Tom Knox Says He’ll Run for Mayor If Katz Doesn’t. He’s itching to take on Nutter. [Philly.com]

R Diddy: Stick With Kolb. Ray Didinger says to quit your whining about how poorly Kevin Kolb played against the Packers—this is what you get with a first-year starting quarterback. Deal with it, people. [CSN Philly]

Pat’s & Geno’s To Do Battle on the Food Network. They’ll be the focus of an episode of Food Feud. Pat’s should win, of course. [NBC Philadelphia]