Obama’s Coming to Philly Next Week

He's speaking at Masterman, where he'll tell the kids to study, um, even harder? Plus: Rendell says to get ready for tax increases, Manayunk tells God to shut up already, and more of what the city's talking about this morning

Rendell Admits He’s Leaving a Fiscal Mess. Not so bluntly, of course, but he faults both gubernatorial candidates for promising no new taxes if they’re elected. [WHYY]

Obama to Speak at Masterman Next Week. Because those slacker Masterman kids really need a back-to-school pep talk. [6 ABC]

Two Dead in Kraft Plant Shooting. A woman suspended from her job yesterday returned minutes later with a handgun, killing two people and wounding another. [Daily News]

DRPA Unions Fight for Free Rides. They’re protesting the agency’s clampdown on free bridge tolls and PATCO passes, saying 100 trips a year are part of their contracts. [Inquirer]

Church Bells and Manayunk Hangovers Don’t Mix. After complaints from local residents, St. John the Baptist church is being threatened with $700 a day fines for ringing its bells at 7 each morning — but Jim Kenney has God’s back on this one. [NBC 10, Inquirer]

For Afternoon Turndown, They Leave a Percocet on Your Pillow. To stay competitive, Philly-area hospitals are infusing their patient wings with hotel luxuries. [Philadelphia Business Journal]