Where Did the Summer Go?

And other really stupid things people say

Although I can be just as guilty as the next person, I always have to laugh when, inevitably at this time of the year, I hear a friend exclaim, “IS THIS THE QUICKEST SUMMER OF ALL TIME OR WHAT?”

The snot-ass side of me is always dying to respond., “Well, I think if you check a calendar from last year, you would discover, give or take a few seconds, that this summer is EXACTLY the same length of last year’s.” [SIGNUP]

Yet, every summer, right around mid-August, if you strolled down our beautiful beaches, you would hear thousands of sun-tan worshipers saying it. Some start saying it as early as August 1st. Which kind of defeats the entire purpose of summer, doesn’t it? TO ENJOY IT?!

These are the same misguided souls who complain about the length of the holidays every December. (“All that shopping and decorating…for what?”) Yet again, check your datebook, it’s the same length every year!

To this day, I have never had anyone say to me on March 1st, “Dag, where did February go? It seems just like yesterday we were celebrating Groundhog’s Day.”

Look, I’m not one of these people who insist that you enjoy every second of your life. I would like to be, but that thought lasts until I get in the car, someone cuts me off, and next thing you know, I’m flipping the bird.

However, I will say this. I am going to enjoy Labor Day Weekend for what it is. A great party. This weekend doesn’t have to signify the end of nothing. September’s a wonderful month. Enjoy!

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