Dining Out: Dinner With Mary Seton Corboy

Founder of urban-farming prototype Greensgrow Farms in Kensington

Mary Seton Corboy, Greensgrow

Photo courtesy Greensgrow Farm.

Percentage of food and drink you consume that’s local: Fifty to 75 percent, depending on the beer.

 How important “local” is to you on a menu: I just want them to give me some food. I’m not interested in history or philosophy.

Whether restaurants falsely advertise “local”: All the time.

Places that don’t: Honey’s, Fork, Standard Tap, Pumpkin.

Fall produce you’re most anticipating: I love, love, love butternut squash. It’s underutilized, underappreciated and, unfortunately, frequently undercooked.

Cheesesteak or roast pork: Cheesesteak. It’s gross, but so are we.

This morning’s breakfast: A fried egg right out of the chicken. If you’re raising chickens, you’ve got to get used to eating eggs.

Fast-food frequency: Once a month, a McDonald’s sausage egg and cheese.

Celebrity chef of choice: Haven’t seen any since Julia Child.

Coffee brand: I don’t drink it. I went to a Starbucks for a meeting five years ago. I was so confused.

Thoughts on hunting: If you kill it, eat it. Hanging it on a wall is just necrophilia.