Carl Greene Suspended (With Pay, Of Course)

Plus the police are patrolling Joey Vento's house, a Delco prison frees prisoners early (oops!), and more of what's news in Philly this morning

Carl Greene Suspended. He’s left the state, too. But don’t worry about him; he’ll keep collecting his $306,000 salary while on leave. [Inquirer]

Police Patrolling Joey Vento’s House. We’re not surprised that the cheesesteak honcho might need a little extra protection, but why is he getting it from the Medford police when he lives in Shamong? [Courier-Post]

Phillies Have Focus Issues? The Scoop finally takes vacation yesterday afternoon … just to see the Phils swept by the Astros at home. Life is so unfair. [ESPN]

School District Missing Almost $50,000 of Equipment. City controller Alan Butkovitz accused the Philadelphia School District of sloppy record-keeping, and auditors list laptops, digital cameras, and projectors among the unaccounted-for stuff. What? No missing algebra books? [Inquirer]

Delco Prison “Accidentally” Releases Inmates Early. George Hill Correctional Facility lets prisoners go because of clerical error, and this has happened more than once. Hey criminals, you might want to put in a request for transfer to George Hill. [NBC Philadelphia]