Tuesday Movie Blog

Films about death and rebirth

Rent It: Death at a Funeral (R, 2010). Skip the release of Furry Vengeance this week and pick up Death at a Funeral. Spanning a few hours, the film follows Aaron (Chris Rock) and Ryan (Martin Lawrence) as they deal with their father’s funeral, their brotherhood animosity, the gathered extended family, and the appearance of a strange man (Peter Dinklage). Like It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World — the real treasure is in the journey … and the hilarious cast. My Grade: B

Queue It: The Visitor (PG-13, 2007). Richard Jenkins, now in Eat Pray Love, is one of those actors that you known you’ve seen from somewhere. Always playing the supporting character — usually the dad (like a 2000s version of the 1980s Tom Skerritt) — he supported, but never had his opportunity. In The Visitor you see his true talent as an actor. Jenkins plays a lonely college professor returning to his New York City apartment only to find a young couple living there. He quickly becomes attached to them and through them finds new life. It’s a powerful, restrained performance that earned him a 2009 Academy Award nomination. My Grade: A-

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