Say Goodbye to the R5

SEPTA changes names of its regional rail lines. Plus: the Phils fire their hitting coach, Rick Mariano needs a laywer, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Who’s Ripping Off the Apple Stores? Thieves broke in and took $22,000 of loot from the Suburban Square store last week — and cops are wondering if it’s the same crew that pulled a heist at the Marlton store last September. [Inquirer]

How PA Gambling Is Cleaning AC’s Clock. Four years ago casinos in AC were feeling cocky; today they’re reeling after seeing PA slots parlors take 10 percent of their business. No wonder the state wants to take over. [Inquirer]

Phillies Fire Hitting Coach Milt Thompson. It was a lot easier than firing all the guys on the team who aren’t hitting. AAA hitting coach Greg Gross will replace  Thompson. [CSN Philly]

Do You Want to be Rick Mariano’s Lawyer? The former city councilman, now doing six years for corruption, is being sued by the city over legal fees. Problem: Ricky can’t rack up more legal fees because he says he has no dough. So. Anyone? [Daily News]

Say Goodbye to the R5. And the R3. And All the Other Rs. Starting Sunday SEPTA is changing the names of its regional rail routes. Instead of the letter/number combo, the lines will simply go by their end destinations. The Scoop predicts mass confusion. [Daily News]