Book: Lenny Dykstra Took Money to Recommend Stock

Yes, Nails is as dumb as we always thought. Plus: Pennsylvania has a budget, it's the hottest June ever (maybe), and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Pennsylvania Has a Budget. Sort Of. Governor Rendell and state legislators passed an outline of a budget agreement early this morning, though Dominic Pileggi warned, “We are not finished. There is more work to do to tie down some of the details.” The budget calls for just over $28 billion in spending. []

Book: Dystra Took Money to Recommend Stocks. The ‘roid-taking-ex-Phil-turned-stock-picking-savant allegedly got $250,00 in stock in exchange for recommending that stock to readers of, run by infamous Philly native Jim Cramer. Oh, Lenny, you’re such an idiot. [The Daily Beast]

The Hottest June Ever. This month will definitely finish in the top three of all time, with an average temp so far of 78.2. No wonder the Scoop is glowing. [Inquirer]

Soda Tax Passes! Just Not Here! In Baltimore. The city passed a two-cents-per-bottle tax for the next three years. Apparently Harold Honickman only throws his money around in Philadelphia. []

Judge Signs Off on Reorganization Plan for Inky & Daily News. The new owners, Philadelphia Media Network, will take over some time in August. [6abc]

Michael Vick Meets with Virginia Beach Police. They interviewed him yesterday about the shooting outside his birthday party last week. The NFL continues to monitor the case. [USA Today]

Chase Utley Hurts His Thumb. He was taken out of the game in the ninth inning and will get an MRI today. Phils got spanked by the Reds, by the way. [700 Level]