The Good Life: Model Citizen: Beth Dunn, author of “Social Climbers”

Mother of two, author of one

The three things you need to know about Beth Dunn: 1. She’s from the Main Line. 2. She and her family now live year-round at the Jersey Shore. 3. Neither matters to her, but both are absolutely essential to why she matters. Two years ago, she self-published Social Climbers, a chick-lit-by-way-of-Radnor novel — “without the neurotically single New Yorkers,” she says — based on her decades of socialite-ing with well-bred frenemies on the Main Line and Downbeach. This year, Dunn, 38, is taking meetings in Hollywood with industry who’s-whos-who-shall-not-be-named about turning her tome into a feature film. Who’d star? “I do love Parker Posey,” she gushes. In the meantime, she’ll be living her fashion motto — “The dressier, the better” — in her four staple designers: Lilly Pulitzer, J. McLaughlin, J.Crew and Kate Spade (shown here, dress and heels), and working toward her goal of “preppifying the world, one monogram at a time.”