Home: Hire Them: Mark W. Eggleston and David Allieri

Beach Haven interior designers do seaworthy chic, one LBI summer house at a time

To Long Beach Boulevard shoppers, David Allieri (left) and Mark W. Eggleston are the bon vivant owners of boxy and bustling shelter shop Wyndecrest Home. To a growing number of the island’s second-home-owning design clients, they’re “markanddavid,” one word. To everyone else along the 18-mile stretch, they are, simply, “The Boys.” Stocking their six-years-old-this-summer shop with seashell chandeliers, vintage signage, original art, hostess gifts and hard-to-find furnishings, the pair also use the storefront as command central for their booming residential design biz. Their specialty: refreshing old Shore houses and giving salt-air patina to newer ones via nautical fabrics, classic antiques and maritime anything. Let’s hear it for The Boys. Wyndecrest Home, 233 Second Street, Beach Haven, 609-492-7030, wyndecresthome.com.