Wildwood Wins Best Jersey Shore Beach Award

Plus: Borrowing big to fix the airport, Philly bails on the Democratic National Convention, wearing Wranglers to the Merion Cricket Club, and more of what’s news this morning

Jersey’s Best Beaches Are in….Wildwood. Again. Three Wildwood towns knocked off last year’s champion, Ocean City, in an annual online poll of which town has the best beaches (Wildwood previously won two years ago). The Scoop cries foul, however, since this year Wildwood, North Wildwood, and Wildwood Crest entered as a single town, which, of course, they are not. [Press of Atlantic City]

Is Nutter a Lame Duck? His failure to persuade Council about the soda tax — and many of his other priorities — has some whispering that the mayor’s clout is all but gone. Still, he’s got a million bucks in the bank and no serious challengers. Ready for five years of gridlock, folks? [Daily News]

Will Half a Billion Bucks Fix the Philly Airport? That’s how much the airport wants to borrow to fund everything from big changes at Terminal F to new signage. The Scoop wonders how much it would cost to just level the thing and start over. [KYW1060.com]

Are You Ready for a Game of Budget Chicken? That’s what Mayor Nutter and Council are playing, with the mayor saying he’s ready to start cutting cops, firefighters and libraries in order to fiscally stabilize the city and Council saying those cuts shouldn’t be necessary. [Inquirer]

Rotwitt Is Fired. Jeffrey Rotwitt, accused of double-dealing in the building of the new Family Court facility, was canned by the Obermeyer firm. He’d been there for 35 years, the last 29 as a partner. [Business Journal]

Nutter Bails on DNC Idea. The mayor has sent a letter to the Democratic National Committee, saying Philly isn’t interested in hosting the Democratic National Convention in 2012. Nutter says it’s too expensive. [Philly.com]

Did You Know You Can Wear Jeans to the Merion Cricket Club? A Wall Street Journal piece on dress codes at private clubs — specifically, whether denim should be allowed — notes that even snooty Merion Cricket now lets you traipse around in a pair of Levi’s. (The Scoop assumes, however, that they have to be pressed.)  [Wall Street Journal]

It’s Official: SEPTA Fares to Go Up on July 1st. Rail fares will go up a quarter to a dollar, depending on the zone and time of day. Tokens go up a dime, transfers a quarter, and monthly trans passes five bucks. [KYW1060.com]

50 New Hybrid UPS Trucks Coming to Philly. Part of a nationwide effort to cut emissions. Brown goes green! [Marketwatch]