Can Philly Get the Super Bowl?

Plus: Does Ed Rendell want his DNC job back?, a weatherman's apology, what a Flyers win will mean for us, and more things to talk about

Super Bowl in Philly? Of course. Now that New York’s doing it, we’ve got to do it, too. [WHYY]

Ed Rendell Thinks He’s the Godfather. The Governor spouts off about an alleged Obama-to-Sestak job offer, what the voters really care about, and his own behind-the-scenes “influence” on elections, and predicts big losses for Dems in this year’s midterms. [The Hill]

What’s a Hospitalist? And, more importantly, do you want one in charge of your healthcare when you check into an area hospital? [New York Times]

Hurricane Schwartz Apologizes. But not for the weather. [Daily News]

Your Pot Dealer Might Be Short This Week. Former Penn football player gets busted with a $1.2 million stock of marijuana in West Philly. [Inquirer]

The Flyers Might Just Keep Your Local Pool Open This Summer. The Mayor looks forward to extra revenue during the Stanley Cup. Knowing how we manage money in this town, expect “winning sports team profits” to show up as projected revenue in future budgets. [WHYY]

City Parking Ticket Official Motors Off. Don’t get us wrong: The Scoop frowns on government corruption. But then again, who among us would object to having a parking ticket fixed? [Inquirer]