Comcast Revenues Show Good News for the Economy

First ad growth in two years. Plus: The Tierney newspaper era ends, it's Restaurant Week at the Piazza, and more of what Philly's chattering about this morning

Diane Allen Goes Back to Work. The Jersey state senator and former anchor babe returns six months after being treated for oral cancer. [Inquirer]

The Tierney Newspaper Era Is Over. It took 29 hours and $139 million, but Brian Tierney’s reign as a local press lord is coming to an end after yesterday’s auction. Get details on the auction from the Inquirer, and check out this fascinating timeline of the Tierney years here. Oh, and don’t forget to read two awesome Philly Mag stories about the Tierney years — “Press Lord 2.0” and “1978 Called. It Wants Its Newspaper Back.”

Nutter Says He’s “Deeply Concered” About Papers’ Sale. And makes a plea not to shut the Daily News. []

Comcast Revenues Up 3.8 %. The local ad market is coming back, with the first quarterly ad growth in two years. Meanwhile, the company says its NBC merger is on track to be completed by the end of the year. [NYTimes, Variety]

Pat Toomey, Wall Street Dude. The Dems are going after the GOP Senate candidate as a symbol of all that’s wrong with American capitalism. []

Arlen, One Year Later. It was a year ago yesterday that Specter became a Dem. His friends at Red State noted the occasion with a review of his positions since then. (The Scoop doesn’t think they’re fans.) [RedState]

Should PENNDot and the Turnpike Commission Be Merged? Rendell thinks we should consider it. [News Tribune]

It’s Restaurant Weekend at the Piazza. Supposed to be hot, too. Go and enjoy yourself. [Foobooz]

The Eagles Sign A New Punter. He’ll presumably compete with current punter Sav Rocca. The Scoop isn’t saying this is important, but thought you might like to know anyway. [CSNPhilly]